Repair corrupted PST File

Repair corrupted or damaged PST file easily without affecting the objects stored in the PST file. If you are getting error message while accessing PST file then you can repair PST file with this Free PST repair tool .

Inbox repair tool fails

What to do when inbuilt Inbox repair tool fails to repair corrupt PST file. Stop responsing in the middle of the repair Process and leaves the same unaffected corrupted PST file without repair.

Fix PST file access denied error while importing PST file

All later versions of Outlook such as 2007, 2010 etc are well-equipped with sophisticated features. It allows you to easily import data by using Import and Export wizard. But in some cases, the users could not import any PST files to Outlook. The basic Outlook data file which is used by the users for receiving incoming e-mail messages is known as default delivery location. For using an existing PST as delivery location, you have to access e-mail accounts settings, use 'Deliver new e-mail to the following location' option, and choose the particular PST file for e-mail delivery. However, doing this can sometimes result in error messages which stop you from performing this setup.

Let us consider a scenario when an Outlook user makes attempts to access the PST files and set it as delivery location, encounters the following error message:

“Microsoft Outlook: File access is denied. You do not have permission required to access the file drive_letter:\path_name”

Where, drive_latter and \path respectively denote the root drive letter and full path to the PST. If you will try to access the file directly on server drive it gives the same error message.


PST file access denied error occurs if the PST file is either read-only or corrupt. PST corruption may occur due to network sharing since file sharing on any network link is not supported by Microsoft. It has been found that this error also pops up if you keep the Outlook open when backing up the PST on a CD or DVD.

How to fix PST file access denied error:

For resolving this error you should uncheck the read-only attribute of PST file. This can be very easily done by right-clicking the file, going to 'Properties' option and clear the associated option. You should also try to resolve this error by moving the PST file to a local computer and using inbox repair tool, which is an inbuilt tool for repairing the damaged PST files. But, be assured that you have enabled the view of hidden and system files before you are searching the 'Scanpst.exe' file over your system.

If the above-mentioned manual procedures do not help you in resolving PST file access denied error, you can take help of third-party inbox repair tool. It automatically scans the PST files as well as other data present inside the database and then repairs the files. These tools are compatible with almost all Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc and ensures safe PST repair and in few seconds. As the files get repaired, you can efficiently import as well as export the PST files on MS Outlook.

Repair PST


Software requirement

  • Processor : Pentium Class
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT4 (SP6)
  • Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space
  • MS Outlook : MS Outlook 2010/2007/2003/2002/2000
  • Internet Explorer : Version 5 or later

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